Why do Airplanes Window have Tiny Holes?

It turns out that itsy bitsy hole in the bottom of your airplane window is actually a very important safety feature. It’s all too easy to let your mind wander when you’re confined to the tiny box of the space while hurtling 40,000 feet in the air at hundreds of miles per hour.

source:Business Insider

But rest assured every single window on the airplane has the same hole. More officially it’s called the breather hole and it’s used to regulate the amount of pressure that passes between the window’s inner and outer panel. In short, the system ensures that the outer pane bears the most pressure so that if there were a situation that caused added strain on the windows, it’s the outside panel that gives out. [ meaning that you can still breathe]

The breather hole also keeps the window fog-free by wicking moisture that gets stuck between the panes. After all, half the fun of the airplane ride is the in-flight scenery shots, mystery solved.

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