The Unheard Story Of Anil Ambani and Sushmita Sen

Anil Ambani is a well-known businessman of India. He is chairman of Reliance Group. He leads a large number of stock listed corporations. Ambani’s net worth was$ 3.3 billion. His love for beauty queens is well known.

source: OddNaari

After Sushmita won the tittle of Miss Universe in 1994. She starting attending various seminars, during such she met Mr. Ambani. Enchanted with her grace and beauty he started falling for her just after he saw her for the first time. Though he was already a married man, did not stop him to meet her again and again. They both started meeting more frequently. And his love was so passionate that he left no stone to impress her. He gifted her a gold heart-shaped pendant. As per the rumours, they started dating each other.

Their meeting started turning into headlines in no time. And despite his wife was not happy he kept ignoring her. Their love was so strong that he stopped caring for everything. One day the headlines changed everything. There were rumors that they were so much in love with each other that they crossed all the limits. Sen’s elder daughter Renee was the result. According to a source he decided to divorce his wife but she refused and his family wanted to protect the reputation of his family. So their love story turned into history and headlines vanished.

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