10 Places in India where Indians are not allowed

10. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol

A usual roadside cafe in Kasol where the manager refuses to allow Indians inside the premises. Being located in Kasol has ensured that this is one of the most popular places in India where Indians are not allowed.

source- Hindustan times

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9. Russian Colony, Kundankulam

The residential complex of the Kundankulam nuclear power project has a “Russian Colony” where Indians are not allowed inside. This colony accommodates only Russian citizens working for the power project.

source- Russia Beyond

8. Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

This particular hostel in Mandavelis reserved only for expats and not indian citizens living in the country. If you log on to their website, they proudly claim that it is ” A one of a kind hostel for first time visitors in India.”

source- TripAdvisor

7. Uno-In Hotel, Banglore

This hotel is allegedly set up only to entertain the Japanese people in India. According to report in news, complaints from various Indians have now got the racist hotel to shut down.

source- Daily Mail

6. ” Foreigners Only” Beaches, Goa

Some of the beaches and shacks in Goa are reported to stop Indian citizens from entering the premises.

source- YouTube

5. ” Foreigners Only” Beaches, Puducherry

Going by similar stories and claims as about the beaches in Goa, many Indians has been asked to stay out of a few private restaurants and hotels on the beaches of Puducherry.

source- YouTube

4. Broadlands Hotel, Chennai

A few years ago according to various claims from Indians looking to book a room here but they did not allow. Only Indians in possession of a foreign passport can land a room here.


3. Norbulingka Cafe, Dharamshala

This particular cafe has been known to deny entry to anybody and everybody who ” looks even remotely Indian”.


2. China-occupied-Arunachal, Arunachal Pradesh

Anybody with an Indian nationality is strictly barred from entering many areas that China claims as it’s own territory.

source- Outlook India

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1. Saser La, Dapsang

Reportedly, areas beyond Sasoma do not qualify under the permit system. The best way to get that permission is widely known to acquire foreign nationality and then pay the requisite fee.

source- dangerous roads

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