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Patna Girl PhotoShoot In Bihar During Flood Goes Viral

After continous rain for last 4 days in Patna and nearby area is announced as Red Alert in area as the siyuation gets worsen due to flooding. Common people’s life is getting distrubed as water gets logged in shops, houses,hospitals and schools. And in these terrible conditions a girl named Aditi Singh was spotted having her photoshoot in flooded area . The photoshoot done in these worst floody situation is going viral.

According to source Aditi Singh is a student of NIFT Branch in Patna. The photoshoot was conducted by Patna resident Saurabh Anuraj. While in interview Saurabh told the media that the motive behind their photoshoot was for welfare of flood ridden people.

Saurabh also added that Aditi is student of NIFT but this photoshoot has nothing to do with the academy. It was their joint intiative to attract country’s attention towards horrible situation of the state.

People are soo much liking the idea and photos of Aditi that within 24 hours of posting it .This is going top trending in social media. People are giving negative and positive comments on it. Many people are critizing this photoshoot too.

In one comments Advote Nitish Pandey stated that it is the most easiest way to get popular on social media. Whereas most of the people are appreciating Aditi referring it as most creative way to put your problems in front of country or society.

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