My Skin Became Flawless when I Stopped Eating Dairy – Amy Jackson Reveals her Secrets

We all love to know how these bollywood beauties looks so flawless and craves for the same especially when they candidly spill the beans about our favourite topic- skin and beauty. So when we got a chance to have a chat with stunning Amy Jackson about all thing.

Amy Jackson, “Well, usually my days are really hectic, so I don’t have too much time to spend on skincare. But I have to give a minimum of 5 minutes daily, morning and night. I do the basic- my facewash for cleaning followed by a moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated”.

source: Styles at life

Q: What have you learned about your skin over time?

AJ: There was a time when I used to love dairy products, Ice cream and pasta with creamy sauce. But, dairy really affected my skin and tummy. I actually became lactose intolerant overnight. That’s the reason I stopped dairy completely. I noticed that my skin started to clear up a lot.

Q: Given that you travel so much and are always on the go, is there a certain skincare ritual that you abide by?

AJ: I take extra care of my skin while traveling I spend a little more time and face masks.

Q: How do you nourish your skin when it comes to food ?

AJ: I love juice in the morning , usually a full green juice which cleanses my system.

Q: Has fitness played a role in making your skin better ?

AJ: You know, I was with my mom last week, Went to the gym, and when I came back, she said, ‘You are glowing.’ After a good workout, your blood circulation is better. It helps get rid of all the toxins and you have a healthy glow. Really think working out plays an important role in skincare.

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