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Spend quality time with these 5 Family Games.

Silently trapped in the hectic routine, only memories are left with the family…

The days are badly missed when dinner was felt like a DAAWAT when talking and healthy discussion was a mandatory NIYAM and every night was like a TYOHAAR by playing some family game. Now the family needs to organize a special day to get together and meet each other. In the neverending race of life, we forgot to celebrate each & every moment of our lives with the people who stand still in our bad and good days, who spend nights awakening in our illness. 

But there is something that never changed with time. Any guesses? Breaking the silence…

Talking about the games that proved to be the best way to unite the families and tying the moments in the rope of memories. There are still some family games that were played earlier and still in trend when the families get together. 

1. Cards to pull out Andar Ka Shaitaan

Cards have been the priority choice for families to play together. This is the game where cheating is fun and winning is super duper fun. Games like 420, 7 center, judgment, and other curiously exciting games bind the family with lots of laughter.

2. Board Game to bring the inner child back

Family is with whom we have been grown from a kid to adult and becoming a kid again with them isn’t at all a bad deal. The family loves to team up for a kiddish board game because obviously everybody wants to memorize the phrase “Mazaa aega”.

3. Passing the parcel to pass the punishment of joy

Remember the game passing the parcel where cushion used to be the parcel and it was passed till the music get stopped. The person that receives the parcel when the music stopped has to accept the punishment given by the existing players. 

4. Antakshari to buck up every generation of the family

This is the game in which every generation has its own of the list of songs and every team has the list of every era’s songlist. The family game binds the members and time with its the neverending rule and we still love to play this game to buck up the ambiance. 

5. Cooking is a competition to investigate Pyaar ka swaad

There is no competition of Maa ke haath ka khana but still, there are some special days when the gentlemen of the house have to enter the kitchen and their dishes are being judged with the taste. The chef of the tasty dish is declared as the most caring person of the family.  

Wrapping up with lots of memories while writing down this article. Since our cousins got married or family members are living somewhere in the other cities or regions, still there is occasion when we meet up and play these games. And believe me, nothing is most precious than memorizing or making the memories again with these family games. 

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