DO NOT TRY, these funny outfits for your wedding

You always ended up thinking of wearing something unique for a wedding whether it’s yours or any of your relatives. Some dresses are proved to be made for each other outfit. No matter how sexy you look but your one bad choice can make you from winner to looser. 

Some outfits look best on celebrities and you, however, wonder to try that outfit once in your life, believe me, if your personality isn’t looked appr=ealing in that outfit then you definitely gonna be in memories for worst outfit carrier for lifetime and obviously you’re not a celebrity whose malfunction can be ignored in no time.

Scroll down and never ever think of trying these outfits.

1. DO NOT express your love for prints and movies like this.

2. Overdo patterns suits on Ranveer Singh only.
Scoop Whoop

3. This Anarkali suits to some personality.

4. He is RANVEER you’re not.

5. Let the SUIT pattern be traditional.

This isn’t about making fun of the dressing sense of this highly energized celebrity. It’s about making other’s personality our’s and in the race of coying the celebrity styles we forget to embrace ourselves. we all have our own dressing sense and it’s not necessary that something that’s looks great on celebrities, is gonna suit our personality too.

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