A School in Hyderabad Puts Up Nursery Toppers List

The fight for the reservation is till in demands and now we have a new subject to fight. Why this education system is not appraising the talents instead of putting the new join students into the race when they don’t even understand the meaning of “Race”. 

The school in Hyderabad “Priya Bharti High School” puts the billboard of toppers and let me tell you ther are the students of 10th or 12th. The toppers are the kids who don’t even know the meaning of real education. When the kiddos are just trying to make themselves comfortable in the competitive environment, this school has started building big walls of competition which they have to jump and win the medal for reciting “ABCD…”, drinking the milk fast… or the kiddos who don’t cry will be the topper. 

We’re still coping up with the student’s pressure and not let them take the irrelevant step and now hoe the parents will understand the pressure of these kids. Looking at the list, the parents of kids who haven’t mentioned in the list must have thought of “why my child’s name isn’t there in the list?”

It’s a request to the new parents and parents from years, to not to pressurize your child and demolish their childhood or adulthood for anything, every child is born with its own specialty and our role is to steer them and enhance their specialty

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