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Bored! Check out these 5 exciting games that can pass your time with fun.

Bored enough? Done with all your daily tasks or you have something to do but you don’t want to do as of now? Yeah… I can understand you would be stuck in some places and you can’t move from there or you must be with your troop but found nothing to do. Don’t worry I have something not so special but so fulfilling time pass games that can bring make your mind full of joy rather than being bored.

Get ready with your android phones and scroll down to see the list of 5 fulfilling time-pass games that you can play while you are getting bored and kill your time. Sssshhh… and nobody will notice.

1. Two-Dots

If you are looking for an intellectual funfilled easy game. Then this game will definitely be installed on your phone. Two dots have enormous stages and each stage gets harder and tougher. If you have played the candy crush then you will definitely love this game as this game is more matured and intellectual. You can’t resist yourself to jump onto the next stage. It has really very exciting surprises and treasure chests to win and its map is the main attraction point.  

2. Dumb ways to die

No, no the game is definitely not encouraging suicide. Yes, something is weird to exist in the play store also. What is the weird and time pass game that can be rather than prevent all the characters of the game from dying? Just judge yourself how weird ways you find out to die. 

3. Pocket tanks

Remember, when we used to play video games on our computers. Pocket tanks are one of them which used to come with the bag of other games and we choose any games from that. The pocket tanks are now pocket-friendly game, no you don’t have it but what I am saying is the game is now optimized for mobiles and you can find it on play store easily.

4. Subway surfers

Yeah… this game is definitely not boring, its as exciting for adults as kids. The game is still in buzz and literally if you think we have played this game enough. Just play this game once again and you again can’t resist yourself to play for hours.

5. Pet rescue saga

Many of us had already played and know about the game. But for those who haven’t played this, its time to upgrade your phone with this because nothing is cuter and sweeter than this game. Even boys also like this because it is really mesmerizing and exciting to rescue all the cute puppies and pets. And obviously it has the cutest quest also. 

There are many games that can kill your time, but trust me these are my favorite list and obviously most like games of all the generations. Just get more games for Diwali, school-bus, and family and let us know if anything exciting comes in your bucket.

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