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old man pulled over by police


Old man pulled over by police for speeding & reason is hilarious

A State Trooper pulled over a Man for Speeding one afternoon. After the car pulled over the officer took the Gentleman out of the car and told him to put his hands on the hood of his car. 

The Trooper told the man, “Sir, the reason I stopped your vehicle is you were going 80 miles over the posted speed limit and it took me miles to catch up to you.” The man looked at the Officer and said “I’m sorry Officer but there’s a good reason why I was Speeding
The Officer looked at the Man and said: “if you can give me one good reason why you were Speeding, I will let you off with a warning.
 The man began to explain… “A few years ago my wife ran off with a State Trooper and when I saw you in my rearview mirror I panicked. I thought You Were Bringing Her Back.”The officer laughed off and told the man, “Have a Nice Day……”

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