7 Design Champions Who Deserve a Salute

To create a design, it needs an open eye and a fully active mind. Redesigning or designing in a common way can be expected but what if you found yourself stunned and immediately runs to shake the hands with the design whose creation totally amazed you?

Presenting, outstanding design who hasn’t left any corner and reason to question their skills and thinking ability. Check out…

1. You’ll hate the designer but then feel regret to think so.

To prevent people from falling for hailing, the floor is designed in 3D form.

2. Afterall, blind people have powerful intellectual skills.

Interesting Engineering

3. When the designer understands the feeling of being confused in light’s & fan’s switch.


4. Finally, somebody knows the struggle of washing annoying stains.

5. Save more electricity, burn more fat.

6. Now watching or caring of iPads are safe in the loo.

7. The all-in-one sink.

Soap, water and hand dryer in one sink.


Looks like the designer has experienced all these things personally so that others don’t have to struggle with the hilarious issues.

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