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5 Mindblasting Diwali Games to make the festival indelible.

Whooohooo… The mighty festival in on its way and we are all ready to burst out with lots of sweets, special dishes, and of course ready to fit into our favorite style. Yes, I am talking about the biggest Indian fashion festival, “Diwali”.

We all have been making our home, dining table & wardrobe Diwali-friendly, preparing special dishes to host our guests and making every void of our home clean & polished. But after all this preparation, we just wait for our guests and to host them.

Ever thought of organizing something special for your guest or family reunion. Nope? Here I am presenting you 5 mindblasting Diwali Games to make this festival indelible.  

1. Cracker Tambola

Very interesting games in which you have to write 4 cracker name, Phulghadi, Anaar, Chakri, Rocket. The players have to fill the numbers of their choice. The players then will have to mark the numbers announced and the winner will be declared with all the numbers marked.

2. Light Up Fast

This game is the best way to judge the speedy hands of the members. All you have to do is set up the no. of diyas of your choice and the players have to light up the diyas as fast as possible. The winner will be announced on the basis of maximum diyas lighten up in the fixed time marked on the stop-watch. 

3. Diwali Quiz

The best way to recall the heritage, culture, and history of the festival. Just list down the questions with 4 options more like KBC and whoever answers the maximum questions will be the winner. 

4. Cards

Although it’s a bad time to play cards in some families and regions. But you can play the cards on the occasion as far as the money isn’t involved, otherwise, it will be counted as the gambling. 

5. Recall Diwali


This is the festival when every new memory is created and what’s the best occasion to recall them at the same festival. 

Diwali is been the favorite festival for each and every Indian. And to make it more memorable these games are like icing on the cake. After-all “Khushiyon Ka Tyohaar Hai.” You can create more buzz by playing some family games & school-bus games.

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