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11 Normal Stuff which is banned Around the World

From wearing blue jeans and high heels, check out these 11 strange things banned around the world.

1. Chewing gum

source: NutraIngredients-USA

It is not allowed in Singapore. You are not allowed to import chewing gum into Singapore.

2. Blue jeans


In North Korea, blue jeans are not allowed. You are free to wear black jeans but not blues.

3. Yellow Clothing

source: Country To Canberra

In Malaysia wearing yellow colour is not allowed. It can be anything like shoes, T-Shirts, pants, boxers, gloves but whatever it is they aren’t allowed.

4. Mcdonalds


It is banned in countries like North Korea, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Bermuda, Iran, Macedonia, Yemen, Montenegro and Bolivia.

5. Surprise Candy Eggs


Kinder Surprise Candy Eggs are banned in the USA. You are not allowed to import them as well. You can’t break the law in the 1938 food and cosmetic act.

6. Baby Walkers

source: Today Show

It is banned in Canada as it is an effort to keep children safe.

7. High Heels


Since 2009 Greece has banned females from wearing high heels at historical sites. As according to officials pointed sole shoes may harm historical property or treasures.

8. Plastic Bags

source: Observer

In 2002 Bangladesh banned plastic bags in its country. It was the first country to start the trend.

9. Ponytails

source: Mens Fashion Blog India

In Iran, Men are not allowed to keep ponytail. Even, they are not allowed to sport a mullet.

10. Obesity


Japan doesn’t support careless attitude towards health. If your body fat is higher than the limit then you will be given guidance regarding diet by the government.

11. Goldfish


In Rome, Italy you can’t keep this fish inside the bowl.

We always believed that this stuff is regular but after surfing this list we realise that not everything is how it seems so when you happen to grab the next bit of junk from Mcdonald don’t take it for granted!

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